Be careful !! – Bissha, ビッシャッ / The sound of splattering blood –

Be careful !! – Bissha, ビッシャッ / The sound of splattering blood –
2010 / cheese grater, color pencil, lead, Parmesan cheese / 30 x 60 x 20cm

There are some interesting ways to express a sound in Japan. As one of it, we have the socalled “onomatopoeia” peculiar in Japan which expresses a sound in the Japanese language routinely creating a sound-word. For example, expressing sounds in comics, especially in Manga, developed from that. By quoting “onomatopoeia” in a work, I’m looking for a way to enjoy the “form and nature of the sound” visually. In the work “Be careful !! – Bissha”, I assumed the sound derived from an onomatopoeian situation to build a sound-word. By combining the sound of “Bissha” (in it’s pronouncable German translation) and the form of the written “ビッシャッ” (the japanese Katakana-writing of the word), I try to let you imagine the sound that you are actually not, hearing”. They are made of pencil and the lead of a pencil three-dimensionally, in order to relate to the planar description in Manga or words. To make it three-dimensionally using a pencil (the tool to draw a line on a plane paper) I create the situation of a material sound. In languages, the onomatopoeian sounds are different and therefore a difference between the verbalization of the sound and the sense occurs. I let the other culture share a Japanese onomatopoeia, and I create a new “form of sound” common mutually.